Younger Sister In Korean Language Informal (2023)

1. Korean Family Terms – How to address relatives & friends

  • “Family” in Korean · Korean terms for married...

  • Knowing Korean family terms is important to properly address your Korean relatives and friends. Read on as we'll teach you all the words you need to know!

2. Talking About Your Family in Korean - Fluent in 3 Months

  • Younger sister: 여동생 (yeodongsaeng). You could also use 동생 (dongsaeng), which means “younger sibling”. And a few more important Korean words you should know ...

  • Want to talk about your family in Korean, and use Korean family terms? It’s quite different to English. Here’s what you need to know.

3. Korean Honorific Titles: Oppa, Unni, Hyung, Nuna and more

  • Jan 3, 2019 · Literal meaning: “younger sister” · Is used to call: A younger female sibling or any female who's younger than you (as a female/male) · Used by: ...

  • Whether you’re the youngest or oldest person in a group, you’re expected to behave in a certain way in South Korea. For example, it’s important to show respect to someone who is older or of higher status than you by following expected protocol. This blog will guide you through how to use Korean honorific names […]

4. How to Say Sister in Korean - Dom & Hyo

  • 언니 (eon-ni) = This is used by women to refer to their older sister. It would also be used if you are close friends with a woman who is older than you.

  • Up next in our family series is learning how to say sister in Korean. Like the words for brother, how you address your sister would depend on your age in relation to her. Also like the words for brother, whether you are male or female which dictates how you address her as well. Let’s start ... Read more

5. Talking About Family in Korean: 93 Vocabulary Words, Titles and ...

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  • Family in Korean is called 가족 (gajok), and this guide will show you 93 vocabulary words and phrases for talking about family members in Korean (audio included). Every family member in Korean has a special title based on age, gender and more. From siblings to in-laws, click here to learn all the essential words!

6. Ways To Say Sister In Korean - Linguatics

  • Now let's move on to terms for younger sisters in Korean. When referring to a ... This word is often used affectionately to address or describe a younger sister.

  • Are you interested in learning how to say 'sister' in Korean? Look no further! This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide on the various ways to

7. Korean Family and Kinship Terms - the talking cupboard

  • May 11, 2013 · your wife's younger brother's wife: cheonamdaek (처남댁). Sisters in-law: your wife's older sister: cheohyeong (처형); your wife's older ...

  • I’m sure some of you who watch kdramas are already familiar with the titles used in the family, as in how a  person address his or her family members. I got used to hear a servant or maid cal…

8. Korean Terms for Family Members - Busanpedia

  • Younger sister: A younger sister is '여동생 (yeodongsaeng),' and its usage is the same as namdongsaeng. You call your younger sister simply by her name.

  • Learning the Korean terms for family members can provide valuable insight into Korean culture and social norms.

9. Family words in Korean - Omniglot

  • youger sister, 여동생 (yeodongsaeng) ; aunt, 숙모 (sungmo) ; uncle, 삼촌 (samchon) ; maternal aunt, 이모 (imo).

  • Words for family members and other relatives in Korean.

10. Proper Titles for Your Family Members in Korean | Korean Language Blog

  • May 27, 2020 · 이모 (ee-moh: one's mother's sister); 외삼촌 (wae-sahm-chon : one's mother's brother). 조카 (jo-kah: nephew and niece) is a broad term ...

  • The appellation is important in Korean. I believe knowing the proper title is important because of the very nature of the Korean language and culture.

11. How do you say "thank you sister (voice)" in Korean? - HiNative

  • Jul 17, 2017 · 언니 (uhn(eon)-nee) => Big sister, younger girls to older girls. 누나 (noo-na) => Big sister, younger boys to older girls. 여동생 (yeo-dong- ...

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12. Family-in-law Terms in Korean - TOPIK GUIDE

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  • In our previous post we have already learnt about the basic terms used for family members in Korean. After learning the basic terms for family members. Let's look at the Korean terms for the in-laws.

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