What is the moral of the story a tiger in the house? (2023)

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What is the moral of the story of a tiger in the house?

In his books and stories, Ruskin has always talked about conserving nature and wild species. From this story it is clear that the tiger died due to change in environment i.e. from forest to house then into zoo. Being with the nature is best suited to animals and birds; probably this is the message from this story.

What I learn from chapter A tiger in the House?

About the lesson

Tiger cub Timothy is a playful and friendly pet, but he's moved to a zoo as he grows up and becomes slightly dangerous. Six months later, a strange and funny thing happens when the author's grandfather visits him. This is a story of different shades of relations between animals and humans.

What is the moral of the story tiger in the zoo?

In this poem, the poet is conveying an important message that wild animals should be in their natural habitat.

Why was the keeper afraid of the tiger?

Ans: – The old keeper in a stammering manner said that this tiger does not belong to him because Grandfather tiger, i.e. Timothy had died ago months before due to pneumonia. And the tiger who was in the cage was trapped in the hills last months and was very dangerous.

What are the lessons that we learn from tiger?

We look after the weak

The male tigers also make sure that the more vulnerable group members are safe from other predators that can attack at any time. This unique tiger behavior simply shows that one's power does not lie in strength alone but also in how we use our strength to help those in need.

What is the main Idea of the tiger?

Central Idea. The central idea of ''The Lady, or the Tiger?'' is that the reader must decide which fate the young man chooses, with the help of the princess. Instead of being given the conclusion at the end of the story, the reader must use all the evidence in the story to try to decide which door she might have chosen ...

What does the story teach us the lady or the tiger?

The most notable theme in ''The Lady, or the Tiger?'' is that actions have consequences. After all, it's the action of the princess to decide if her love is killed before her eyes or if he spends the rest of his life married to another woman.

What is the summary of lesson the Tiger King?

The Tiger King Summary – The story mocks the wilfulness and arrogance of those in power. The writer of the story takes us to the days when king rule. Also, they lived under the thumb rule of the British. In addition, the ruler was uninterested in serving the people instead they spent their time on foolish pursuits.

What lesson can you get from the story of the white tiger?

You and only you are responsible for yourself. So, it is your responsibility to look for opportunities, recognise them, and use those wisely if you want to go ahead in life.

What shocked the Grandfather in the end?

What shocked Grandfather in the end? Answer: Grandfather was shocked to learn from the keeper that Timothy had died two months ago, and the tiger in the cage was very dangerous.

Why did the family stop giving Timothy milk What did they give him instead?

At first the tiger-cub, who was named Timothy by Grandmother, was brought up entirely on milk given to him in a feeding-bottle by our cook, Mahmoud. But the milk proved too rich for him, and he was put on a diet of raw mutton and cod-liver oil, to be followed later by a more tempting diet of pigeons and rabbits.

Why was Timothy chained up?

Ans: Timothy was chained up more often because he had turned violent and less friendly. The old couple believed that he was changed when he began to stalk Mahmoud in the house with villainous intent. Seeing this, the couple decided that he should be kept in a zoo.

What is the tiger's message to man?

The message conveyed by the poem is that just like humans, animals too long for freedom and do not like being caged. For instance, the tiger in the poem longs to be in the jungle and he looks longingly at the shining stars in the sky. By looking at the stars, the tiger hope to be with nature some day.

What is the conclusion of tiger?

Conclusion: Tiger is a strong animal. Even after being declared as the national animal of India, it is hunted and illegally used for smuggling for many years. Tiger poachers kill tiger for various purposes such as to get their skin, bones, teeth, medicines, etc.

Which statement best expresses the main idea of the story in The Lady, or the Tiger?

Which statement best expresses the main idea of the story? The princess is jealous of the lady behind the door.

Did she choose The Lady, or the Tiger?

Answer and Explanation: No one knows what the princess chose, whether the lady or the tiger in "The Lady, or the Tiger". The reason is that the author doesn't include the choice in the story. It ends when the lover of the princess chooses a door, which ends up being the one she tells him to choose.

What would motivate her to save his life The Lady, or the Tiger?

What would motivate the princess to send the young man to his death/ What would motivate her to save him? Jealousy would lead the princess to the young man's death. Love and care would motivate the princess to save the young man.

What is the hero of the story the tiger king?

THE Maharaja of Pratibandapuram is the hero of this story. He may be identified as His Highness Jamedar-General, Khiledar-Major, Sata Vyaghra Samhari, Maharajadhiraja Visva Bhuvana Samrat, Sir Jilani Jung Jung Bahadur, M.A.D., A.C.T.C., or C.R.C.K. But this name is often shortened to the Tiger King.

What is the meaning behind the white tiger?

The white tiger symbolizes power and army.

Why did Grandfather want Timothy to be put in another?

Answer: Grandfather wanted Timothy to be put in another enclosure because a leopard in the neighbouring cage was bothering and frightening him. The leopard in the next cage would constantly rush at Timothy.

Why did Grandfather give the child?

Why did the grandfather give the children money? Ans. The grandfather gave the children money to buy books.

Why was Timothy taken to the zoo?

A change came over him. He stole pet animals from the poultry houses. He also chased the cook with foul intentions. It made Grandfather decide to transfer Timothy to the zoo.

What was the age of Timothy when he died?

Saint Timothy
Bornc. AD 17 Lystra or Derbe (modern-day Ekinözü, Karaman, Turkey or Gökyurt, Meram, Konya, Turkey)
Diedc. AD 97 (aged 79/80) Ephesus (modern-day Selçuk, İzmir, Turkey)
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church Orthodox Church Oriental Orthodoxy Anglican Communion Lutheran Church
5 more rows

Why was the cub given milk in the feeding bottle?

The tiger cub was named Timothy by grandmother and since he was a young cub, he was fed milk. The cook Mahmoud fed the tiger in a feeding bottle in a similar fashion to feeding infants and toddlers. But the milk was rich in nutrients for him. He could not take it as he was very young.

Why did Timothy ask for a camera?

Answer: He asked for his camera to be given quickly and clicked a picture of his dad crawling out of the duckweed. 5.

When did Timothy lose his temper?

(ii) What did he do when Timothy lost his temper? Answer: (i) Toto would pull Timothy by the tail to entertain him.

Who became Timothy's Favourite?

Timothy had the habit of stalking anyone who would play with him. When the narrator went to live with Grandfather, he became Timothy's favourite playmate. One of his games was to slowly creep towards the narrator and then suddenly make a dash for his feet, pretending to bite his ankles.

Where did Timothy sleep every night?

Answer: During the day, Timothy's favourite place in the house was the drawing-room and was the most comfortable on the long sofa. He slept at night in the cook's quarters.

What message does the poet convey through the poem a tiger in the zoo?

The poet wishes to convey that animals are not meant to be caged in zoos for the entertainment of humans. They should be allowed to run freely in the wild, where they belong.

What did you learn about the story the tiger and the Traveller?

Once upon a time, there lived an old tiger in a forest. One day, he found a precious gold bangle lying abandoned near a lake in the forest. He quickly picked it up and thought of using it as bait to catch some human being. Soon after, a traveler happened to pass through the opposite side of the lake.

What did you learn from the story the tiger the Brahman and the Jackal?

The Tiger, the Brahmin and the Jackal

When faced with certain situations, it is important not to judge the knowledge of others because of hidden talents they may possess, which can help in the most unexpected ways. Refrain from being too trustworthy/kind, especially when faced with potential dangers.

What is the message that the poet wants to convey through this poem?

The poet wants to say that there should be no discrimination between people on the basis of their appearance, religion, or region. It is inhuman to tease one because of one's different background.

What is the Tigers message to man?

The message conveyed by the poem is that just like humans, animals too long for freedom and do not like being caged.

What message is the poet trying to convey through the poem animals?

In the poem “Animals' the poet 'Walt Whitman' praises animals for being better than human beings. The human beings have left the qualities of kindness and innocence. The poet wants to live among the company of animals and experience life free of sins.

Why does the tiger ignore the visitors short answer?

His strength and might have also been imprisoned, so he is utterly helpless. He chooses to ignore the visitors because they mean nothing to him and he knows that he cannot expect anything from them. Was this answer helpful?

Why did Brahman agree to free tiger?

In vain the Brahman pleaded for his life; at last the Tiger agreed that if the Brahman could ask three things to judge whether or not the Tiger was treating him unfairly. If one of them would say that he should keep his life, then the Tiger would not eat him, but would let him go.

Who tricked the tiger?

5. Who tricked the tiger? Ans. The intelligent jackal tricked the tiger.

What lesson does this text teach you the Brahmans dream?

The Brahmin woke up to find that he was dreaming everything. There was no big house, no lovely gardens and no wife or children. Only the broken pot and flour scattered all over the floor. Moral: Never build castles in the air.

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