Why was the keeper afraid of the tiger? (2023)

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What did the keeper tell the Grandfather about his tiger?

He told grandfather that the tiger didn't belong to him as his Timothy died two months ago. Thus, grandfather gave a scornful look to him as he couldn't believe it. Was this answer helpful?

What is the moral of the story the tiger in the house?

In his books and stories, Ruskin has always talked about conserving nature and wild species. From this story it is clear that the tiger died due to change in environment i.e. from forest to house then into zoo. Being with the nature is best suited to animals and birds; probably this is the message from this story.

How does the tiger frighten the villagers answer?

Answer: The tiger terrorizes the villagers by barring his big white fangs and revealing his sharp claws. He makes terrifying low snarls moving around the houses of the villagers that are situated at the edge of the forest. His mighty presence and roars scare the villagers. 8.

Why did Grandpa want the tiger into another cage?

Answer: Grandfather wanted Timothy to be put in another enclosure as the leopard in the next cage would constantly rush at Timothy. Whenever this happened, the frightened Timothy would slink to a corner.

Why does the grandchild never know the tiger?

(i) The Grandchild never know the Tiger because if the Dreamer will not change, Tigers will have no place to live and they gradually will disappear. (ii) The White Bear snuffled as it is in a state of despair because the crashing Glaciers are not growing.

What shocked Grandfather in the end?

What shocked Grandfather in the end? Answer: Grandfather was shocked to learn from the keeper that Timothy had died two months ago, and the tiger in the cage was very dangerous.

What lesson did the tiger learn?

The tiger was helplessly walked away. Mosquito gave a lesson to the tiger that never to be proud because everyone has its own qualities.

What are the lessons that we learn from tiger?

We look after the weak

The male tigers also make sure that the more vulnerable group members are safe from other predators that can attack at any time. This unique tiger behavior simply shows that one's power does not lie in strength alone but also in how we use our strength to help those in need.

What is the moral value of The Lady, or the Tiger?

Actions Have Consequences. The most notable theme in ''The Lady, or the Tiger?'' is that actions have consequences. After all, it's the action of the princess to decide if her love is killed before her eyes or if he spends the rest of his life married to another woman.

Why is the tiger terrorizing the villagers?

Ans: The tiger terrorises the villagers near the jungle edge snarling around the houses, showing his white fangs and claws. Q8. Why does the tiger ignore visitors ? Ans: The tiger ignores visitors because he feels being a wild animal he has no affair with the human beings.

Why does the tiger ignore the villagers?

His strength and might have also been imprisoned, so he is utterly helpless. He chooses to ignore the visitors because they mean nothing to him and he knows that he cannot expect anything from them.

How does the tiger scare the people?

(b) The tiger scares the people by growling at them and showing his teeth and claws.

Why was the tiger stalking in the cage?

Ans. The tiger in the zoo was confined to a small space. He was angry that he couldn't be free to move, hunt and do what he pleased forced to be a showpiece; and the cage's bars obstructed his view of the starry night. This was all unlike his natural habitat where he hunted fiercely and slept fitfully.

How does the tiger stalking the cage?

Solution : The tiger is not in his natural habitat the jungle. He is locked in a cage made up of cement and concrete. He keeps on stalking inside his cage from one side to the other. He is walking in quiet rage with his heels which are padded like velvet.

Who became one of the Tiger's Favourite?

Timothy crept closer to the writer and suddenly made a dash for his feet. Then he rolled on his back and kicked with delight. It seemed he was going to bite the writer's ankles. So, the narrator thought that he had become one of the tiger's favorites.

Why does the white bear snuffle?

But the glaciers are not growing. So the white bear snuffles for its existence. The poet conveys through this line that the white bear is also in the list of endangered species as the environment is degrading and the white bear waits for all the life she's making for the rehabilitation of the environment.

What did the children feel when they saw the tiger?

The school Children were so excited because schools were being hurriedly closed for the tiger so they were also shouting, laughing and even enjoyed being scared.

What did the grandfather do with the tiger?

Grandfather stroked the tiger's forehead and tickled his ears, and, whenever he growled, smacked him across the mouth, which was his old way of keeping him quiet.

What did Grandfather realize about Toto?

Finally, grandfather realised that Toto was not suitable to be kept at home. They could not afford the frequent losses that he gave them. He tore clothes, curtains, wallpapers and broke dishes. So, the grandfather sold Toto back to the same tonga driver for a sum of three rupees.

Did the front wheel really wobble?

Answer: No, the front wheel did not wobble much. We can say so because the author says “It didn't wobble, as a matter of fact—nothing worth calling a wobble.” The friend has two qualities — he knows what he is doing and is absolutely sure it is good.

Why did Grandfather buy the snake?

Grandfather had a python curled around his neck because he wanted to impress the gathering.

How many times did the tiger hit himself?

so, tiger hit himself with his paw two times.

What is the message of the tiger?

Tiger symbolism and meanings include strength, cunning, majesty, independence, and immortality.

Why did the tiger cheek start to bleed?

Why did the tiger's cheek start to bleed? Answer: The tiger's cheek started to bleed because while trying to hit the mosquito, the tiger hit himself with his paw.

What are the qualities of the tiger?

They are tempestuous yet calm, warm-hearted yet fearsome, courageous in the face of danger yet yielding and soft in mysterious, unexpected places. Tigers are very confident, perhaps too confident sometimes. Although they love adventures, and are addicted to excitement it is better not to challenge a Tiger's confidence.

Why is tiger so important?

As a large predator, the tiger plays a key role in maintaining healthy ecosystems. These ecosystems supply both nature and people with fresh water, food, and health. Securing tiger landscapes could help protect at least nine major watersheds, which regulate and provide freshwater for over 800 million people in Asia.

Did she choose The Lady, or the Tiger?

Answer and Explanation: No one knows what the princess chose, whether the lady or the tiger in "The Lady, or the Tiger". The reason is that the author doesn't include the choice in the story. It ends when the lover of the princess chooses a door, which ends up being the one she tells him to choose.

What is the good ending of the story The Lady, or the Tiger?

Finally, away from her horrible, barbaric father, away from the rules and away from the pain of the past. She entered the woods and kept running, she was sure she heard her father yelling, but none of it mattered anymore, she was free.

What is the main problem in The Lady, or the Tiger?

The conflict in "The Lady, or the Tiger" is that of man vs. himself. This internal conflict refers to the decision the princess character must make regarding her beloved. By figuring out what's behind each door, she must choose between leaving her lover with someone else, or having him killed.

Does the tiger scare the people?

Answer: According to the poet, the tiger scares the people by growling at them and showing his teeth and claws.

How did the villagers react to the Tigers death?

They readily believed that Mrs. Packletide had shot the beast lest they lose their money.

How did the villagers learn about the tiger?

Explanation: The villagers had many stories about the tiger. Most of them called the animal the tunnel tiger because he would come towards the village through the tunnel. The tiger was also called the maneater as he would attack and kill people from the village.

Why does the tiger stare at the stars?

The tiger looks at the stars from within his cage because he hopes for a day that he can be free to roam under the stars again. Was this answer helpful?

Are tiger villagers rare?

Tigers in the Animal Crossing games are one of the rarest villagers you could see, with only seven showing up in the entire series.

Who is tiger scared of?

Tigers are naturally, instinctively, terrified of fire and resist jumping through flaming rings. In order for a trainer to get a tiger through a flaming hoop, that animal must be more afraid of physical punishment by the trainer than the fire itself.

Why are tiger not afraid on man?

The tigers are not afraid of men because they are gallant and fearless creatures who are undeterred by any obstacles or hindrances and thus are not afraid of the men.

What made the tiger angry?

The tiger is angry as he is trapped in the cage instead of roaming in the wild. As he is trapped in the cage, he cannot express his anger with ferociousness. Thus, he is forced to express his rage quietly.

Why does the tiger lurk in the dark?

The tiger is lurking in the shadow of the long grass near the water hole in order to prey on the deer who come to the water body to have their fill of water.

Why does the tiger control his anger while walking around his cage?

The tiger tries to control his anger by quietly walking in the limited area of his cage. He is angry because he is not free. Personification: The tiger is personified because the poet refers him as 'he'.

Why tiger is chosen?

It has a thick yellow coat of fur with dark stripes. The combination of grace, strength, agility and enormous power has earned the tiger its pride of place as the national animal of India.

How did the last tiger take his revenge?

So despite getting rid of all the tigers in and around his kingdom, it was most ironic that the hundredth tiger, a wooden one, took its final revenge upon the King. A tiny sliver of wood from the wooden tiger pierces the King's right hand, ultimately leading to his death.

What did the tiger cub not like?

He came back but he didn't like to stay near his mother at night.

What did the old keeper say to grandfather?

A keeper recognised the grandfather and told him that Timothy died of pneumonia. He also told him that this tiger was trapped only last month and is very dangerous. The grandfather's arm was still in the cage and the tiger was licking it.

What did the zoo keeper tell grandfather about the Behaviour of the tiger in the cage?

What did zookeeper tell Grandfather about the behaviour of the tiger in the cage? Ans. The zookeeper told grandfather that he had never been able to touch the tiger as he was always very bad-tempered.

What did the keeper reveal to grandfather How did he react?

Answer: The keeper revealed that Timothy died two months ago because of pneumonia. 18. What was the reaction of the grandfather on learning the death of Timothy? Answer: Grandfather was scared yet he gently bade goodbye to the tiger.

What did the first zoo keeper tell grandfather?

The keeper told the grandfather that he had joined the zoo newly. However, he knew that the tiger was bad tempered.

Why did grandfather keep toto as a secret?

Grandfather decided he would add the little fellow to his private zoo. Toto was a pretty monkey who was mischievous as well. But grandmother didn't like pets, she always screamed if she saw one inside the house. So the boy and his grandfather decided that the presence of Toto must be kept a secret.

Who became one of the tiger's Favourite?

Timothy crept closer to the writer and suddenly made a dash for his feet. Then he rolled on his back and kicked with delight. It seemed he was going to bite the writer's ankles. So, the narrator thought that he had become one of the tiger's favorites.

What does the tiger do in his cage?

Some of the activities of the tiger behind the bars of its cage includes stalking along the length of the cage, ignoring visitors, hearing patrolling cars and staring at the brilliant stars shining in the sky.

Why is the tiger in the zoo angry?

Ans: The tiger at present is in the cage. He walks in the cage stalking. He is quite angry due to his imprisonment.

What is the mental condition of the tiger in the zoo?

He is in a strong cage and so he is helpless. He cannot show his power to the visitors. Poet is describing the tiger as being powerless and agonized. Cage life has totally changed his personality.

What had tempted the tiger and what had scared it away?

5. What had tempted the tiger and what had scared it away? The tiger was tempted by the sight of the two fasting men, especially Khichri who seemed like a plump and juicy prey. The tiger realized that Page 2 no one was around while these gentlemen fasted so they would be easy to kill.

Why do you think Jason was unable to understand his grandfather?

Jason was unable to understand his grandfather because his grandfather was a Chinese and spoke only Chinese whereas Jason could speak and understand only English. So he could not communicate with his grandfather.

How did the tiger behave towards grandfather?

Answer: The tiger behaved in a warm and friendly manner towards the grandfather.

What happened to Timothy at the zoo?

Grandfather asked him to transfer Timothy to another cage, away from the leopard. That is when the keeper told him in a stammering tone that it is not Timothy as he died due to pneumonia two months ago.

Why did the family think there was a tiger in the store room?

Ans. The family thought a tiger had got into the storeroom because a neighbour told them that a tiger had escaped from a circus.

Why did Grandfather choose Timothy at the zoo?

He would try to steal away to stalk a cat or someone's pet Pekinese. He grew steadily less friendly. He also started killing the animals in poultry house. Finally, when he began to stalk Mahmoud about the house with what looked like villainous intent, Grandfather decided to transfer him to a zoo.

Why did Grandfather decide to include a monkey in his private zoo?

Toto was owned by a tonga-driver who used to keep him tied to a feeding-trough. Grandfather felt that the monkey was out of place there. So, he decided to add the little monkey to his private zoo. He bought Toto from the tonga-driver for five rupees.

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